Santa Fe NM Homes for Sale

It’s 2014, and the time to buy your next Santa Fe NM home has never been better. Interest rates are lower than they’ve ever been and the market is slowly but surely on its way back. With an atmosphere like no other, Santa Fe is a beautiful area steeped in history and culture that all potential buyers should take a look at when in the market for a new home.

Santa Fe is the most expensive area to live in New Mexico, and is actually fairly high up in the nation. With the prices come a lifestyle that’s a blend of low-key, small town living, a lavish arts-centric community and beautiful natural scenery and environments for an active lifestyle. Hiking, skiing, camping, and rafting are just a few of the options available to residents who love the outdoors. Santa Fe NM homes tend to be on the upscale side with wide, open “pueblo” style architecture and sporting magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Demographics in Santa Fe reflect the area’s lifestyle, with a good percentage of the population comprised of rising young professionals. A large amount of residents are white-collar and upwardly-mobile, and the city sports an above-average amount of people who are small business owners or work from home. Education levels trend on the high end as well, with over 40% of the residents having at least a bachelor’s. Despite this, Santa Fe remains a diverse region with all types of households and options for all income ranges.

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