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Selling Your Home to Everyone and Not Just Yourself

Selling Your HomeOur unique qualities make us human. They make us interesting. Through who we are as individuals we make life more interesting and this is something to be celebrated. But its also something that may need to be dialed back when you are selling your home. Potential home buyers are looking for a clean slate. Something they can mold into their future. And while a little inspiration never hurts. They may be turned away by unusual modifications or over the top decorations.

Remove photos, diplomas and uniquely personal items

Hey, these need to be packed up anyways. You’re moving.

Paint Your Home With Neutral Colors

When preparing a home to be placed on the market. It makes sense to give everything a nice coat of paint anyways. A home is a place we live. Sometimes for several years. The walls collect dust and odor. By painting the walls with neutral colors you give the buyer a blank canvas to allow them to decide what direction the home could take in their hands.

Show The Rooms As They Were Originally Designed

The room off the kitchen is unmistakably the dining room. But if you use it as a home office, it throws a buyer off. Likewise, if you’ve used a small bedroom as your child’s toy room/your closet spillover, the same thing will happen. The buyer needs to see it used the way the architect originally intended it to be used, not the way you use it.

Remember that you are not selling to someone who is going to be a life long friend. Not generally anyways. Don’t take things personally.

Santa Fe NM Real Estate Listings

Santa Fe NM Real Estate Listings has a variety of listings this summer to meet the requirements of any buyer.

Santa Fe NM real estate listing home

Latest Listings in Santa Fe NM – 116 Listings
Single Family in Santa Fe New Mexico – 1834 Listings
Condominiums in Santa Fe New Mexico – 240 Listings
Townhouses in Santa Fe New Mexico – 64 Listings
Duplex homes in Santa Fe New Mexico – 17 Listings
Multi Family homes in Santa Fe New Mexico – 28 Listings
Mobile homes in Santa Fe New Mexico – 117 Listings
Farm/Hobby in Santa Fe New Mexico – 124 Listings
Lots Acres in Santa Fe New Mexico – 1605 Listings
Commercial listings in Santa Fe New Mexico – 138 Listings
Commercial Lease in Santa Fe New Mexico – 13 Listings
Industrial in Santa Fe New Mexico – 14 Listings
Retail Stores in Santa Fe New Mexico – 11 Listings
Live Work in Santa Fe New Mexico – 26 Listings
Foreclosures in Santa Fe New Mexico – 118 Listings
Short Sales in Santa Fe New Mexico – 35 Listings
Price Reduced listings in Santa Fe New Mexico – 243 Listings

Santa Fe NM Real Estate Listings – How’s the Market Right Now?

There are several Foreclosures and Short-Sales presently providing buyers an opportunity to grab a great deal for a reasonable price.

Tips to Buying a Home in Santa Fe

Here are a few simple tips to buying a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Even if you are new to Santa Fe I think you know that this is a desert. And while deserts are beautiful and provide a number of health benefits. It can get a little hot during the day. And in contrast can get quite cold at night. The most important things to research in a new home in the desert might be climate and insulation methods and standards.

1. What is the “R” factor of my home?
Most modern homes are well insulated and conform to modern safety standards. But if you are purchasing an older home be sure to ask about the “R” factor. The higher the number the better. This factor rates the ability of the insulation to regulate and maintain its temperature at a minimum cost. Also be aware of chemicals that could be dangerous at high levels such as asbestos and urea formaldehyde.

2. How efficient is your heating and cooling unit in relation to the size of the home?
Be sure that if you are purchasing a larger home that the heating and cooling unit is size appropriate for your new home. A smaller unit may not be up to the task of heating or cooling a large space.

3. If possible consider purchasing a home that incorporates stucco and thermo efficient windows.
In the desert its common to find homes that use stucco. It lends itself to the desert landscape but also is an excellent and inexpensive insulator. Energy efficient windows may be a little pricy. But consider the return on a 100+ degree summer afternoon.

There are several other considerations to think of when purchasing a home anywhere and I encourage you to search the internet for more resources. But these simple tips might just get you on your way.

If you decide to join us in beautiful Santa Fe be sure to contact me and I will help you make the right choices.

Santa Fe NM Homes for Sale

It’s 2014, and the time to buy your next Santa Fe NM home has never been better. Interest rates are lower than they’ve ever been and the market is slowly but surely on its way back. With an atmosphere like no other, Santa Fe is a beautiful area steeped in history and culture that all potential buyers should take a look at when in the market for a new home.

Santa Fe is the most expensive area to live in New Mexico, and is actually fairly high up in the nation. With the prices come a lifestyle that’s a blend of low-key, small town living, a lavish arts-centric community and beautiful natural scenery and environments for an active lifestyle. Hiking, skiing, camping, and rafting are just a few of the options available to residents who love the outdoors. Santa Fe NM homes tend to be on the upscale side with wide, open “pueblo” style architecture and sporting magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Demographics in Santa Fe reflect the area’s lifestyle, with a good percentage of the population comprised of rising young professionals. A large amount of residents are white-collar and upwardly-mobile, and the city sports an above-average amount of people who are small business owners or work from home. Education levels trend on the high end as well, with over 40% of the residents having at least a bachelor’s. Despite this, Santa Fe remains a diverse region with all types of households and options for all income ranges.

The Ken Ahler Real Estate team is here to help you find your perfect Santa Fe NM home. With years of experience, we will help you through the buying process from start to finish, answering any questions you may have along the way while saving you money. Call us anytime for a free consultation at (505) 699-3702.